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Our curriculum is based on thematic units. Through these thematic units your child will be provided activities that stimulate their natural curiosity to learn.

Weekly lesson plans are created by the teachers filled with developmentally appropriate activities and concepts, and art projects based on the theme of the week.

At Tree House Learning Center all of our classrooms are set up with centers. These centers include: Dramatic Play, Computer, Library, Writing, Art, Math, Science, Blocks, Manipulative, Music, Sensory, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor.

Through these centers your child will be creative, learn and have an enjoyable experience.


Toddlers are children 12 months and walking to 2 ½ years old. In our Toddlers classrooms we introduce potty-training at 2 years old based on each child’s individual desire.

Some of the skills your toddler will be working on are:


Fine Motor:
Threading Large Beads
Using large piece puzzles
Using markers and crayons
Building with blocks
Using their spoon and fork 

Brushing teeth
Helping pick up
Washing their hands
Taking off and putting on clothing with help

Using their names and other's names Verbalizing their feelings Expressing needs verbally and nonverbally

Identifying a few body parts
Identifying a few colors
Identifying a few shapes 

Gross Motor:

Walking backwards
Climbing stairs
Jumping on two feet 


 At Tree House Learning Center we start our Pre-School Program at age 2 ½ years old. Our Pre-School Program is designed to make learning fun and exciting while preparing your child for Kindergarten.

Some of the skills your Pre-Schooler will be working on are:


Fine Motor:
Cutting simple objects
Holding a pencil correctly
Writing their first name
Writing some letters 
Manipulating small objects 

Gross Motor:
Jumping on two feet
Standing on one foot
Walking backwards 
Walking sideways
Kicking a ball with direction
Throwing and catching

Expressing their feelings
Taking turns with peers
Problem solving
Developing friendships
Following multi-step directions 

Recognizing and naming colors
Recognizing and naming shapes
Recognizing and naming letters and letter sounds
Rote counting to 20
1 to 1 correspondence
Recognizing numbers
Grouping and sorting
Position words


At Tree House Learning Center we start our Pre-Kindergarten Program the year before your child attends Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to make learning fun and exciting while preparing your child for Kindergarten.

Some of the skills your Pre-Kindergartener will be working on are:

Gross Motor:
Skips and runs well with agility and speed
Follows paths
Walks sideways, forward, backwards on a balance beam
Using a zipper and buttons


Recognizing and naming letters and letter sounds
Remembering their birthday

Remembering their address and phone number

Sounding out words

Rote counting past 20

1 to 1 correspondence

Grouping and sorting


Fine Motor:
Drawing objects and pictures
Attempts writing all letters 
Attempts writing all numbers   

Writes first name
Attempts writing last name 
Cutting on lines

Social/ Emotional:
Character development
Learning how to treat yourself and others

Problem solving

Expressing their feelings with words
Following multi-step directions


At Tree House Learning Center we provide care and transportation to and from school for Goddard and Peterson students aged up to 12 years old. Our School-Ager Program is designed to provide fun and entertainment through art projects and group games before and after school. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, providing your child release from their day at school. We also encourage the children to do homework here at Tree House with help from the staff in order to have more time at home with parents and siblings!