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Policies & Procedures

Picking Up Policy
Children will be released to lawful parents or guardians at the other’s request unless Tree House Learning Center, Inc., has a court order copy specifying that a parent is not allowed access to his/her child. The court order copy must be clear and signed by a judge or other authorized person and must be dated.

Staff members will verify the name of the person requesting to take a child from Tree House Learning Center, Inc., by matching the written name (in child’s application packet) with the name on the driver’s license.

Please keep your child’s file updated: all persons authorized to pick up your child must be REGULARLY updated!

Children must always be in the care of an adult at Tree House Learning Center, Inc. Take your child directly to the classroom and be sure the teacher is aware of your child’s presence. Never drop your child off and just leave and please say goodbye to teachers when taking your child home.

Please contact the office (316) 773-3335 for Maize center or (316)361-2466 for Tyler center as soon as possible when your child is unable to attend.

Tree House Learning Center, Inc., offers one week (based on the number of days that the child attends) of tuition per year to each family at no cost for vacation and/or other absences. Vacation time is calculated based upon starting date, not calendar year. This vacation time may be taken after attending 6 months. Families must notify an administrator of this week ahead of planned vacation/absence. Child cannot attend Tree House Learning Center, Inc., during this “free” week.

Children at the center more than four hours will be encouraged to nap or rest according to their individual needs. Children who do not sleep will be permitted to have a quiet time through activities which will not disturb other children.

Each child will have a mat. A child’s head may not rest on the floor. Each mat will have an individually labeled bottom sheet and cover, which will not be shared with other children. Bedding will be sent home to be washed weekly or immediately when wet or soiled. Mats, when in use, will be separated from each other by at least two feet in all directions, and stored in a clean and sanitary manner. Pillows may be used but each chld will have their pillow clearly labeled. Enough light will be provided in the napping area to allow for freedom of movement.

Toilet Learning
Children are highly respected in their attempts to begin using the toilet. Tree House Learning Center, Inc., staff will allow toilet learning to unfold naturally. It is essential that parents and staff work together so that toilet learning is successful for the child. Please see your child’s teacher for more information on how to proceed with a healthy toilet learning environment.

Tooth Brushing
Toothbrushes shall be used daily after breakfast and lunch, and will be stored in a sanitary manner out of children’s reach. Toothbrushes will be replaced every three months. Toothpaste and toothbrushes are not provided.

Meals, Nutrition, and Snacks

Breakfast shall include one item from each of the following:
1. fruit, vegetable, or full-strength fruit or vegetable juice
2. bread, bread product, or cereal
3. milk


Lunch shall include one item from each of the following:
1. meat, poultry, fish, egg, cheese, dried peas or beans or peanut butter
2. two vegetables, two fruits or one vegetables and one fruit
3. bread, bread products, or cereal
4. milk

Food Policy
Parents do not bring food with your child when they arrive at Tree House Learning Center, Inc.

Posted Information
The following are posted in each classroom and/or on the parent wall:

  • Diapering policy
  • Emergency exit plan                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • License capacity                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Pet care
  • Class list with daily enrollment
  • Discipline policy
  • Daily Schedule
  • Current weekly lesson plan
  • Current weekly classroom newsletter
  • Current information on early childhood education
  • Menu
  • Location of class when they are not in the room
  • Reminders about upcoming events
    Sign up sheets for upcoming events or parties
Personal Toy Policy
Please refrain bringing excessive toys from home. Sleeping buddies (stuffed animals or the like) are acceptable. However, toys that create aggression and/or other problems at school must stay at home. Thank your for adhering to this policy.